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Discount Fabric, the Campaign


Discount Fabric, Volume One: The Campaign is a full colour long form graphic narrative written by Jack Kirne and illustrated by Aaron Billings

‘We’re fucked. Totally screwed. And what are we doing? Buying at op-shops to protest sweat shops and campaigning for a party that pledges one-hundred and fifty billion dollars to public transport with full knowledge they’ll never win enough seats to deliver.’

Brunswick. It might be the hottest week of the year. A candidate smiles upon the pedestrians making their way to the litany of Organic grocers, the trams that clamour past and the students off to the pub. The Green Army has fought the good fight. And on Sydney road, a boy lives in an apartment atop Discount Fabric, a disappointing shop soon to pass in the steady tide of gentrification.

The Campaign is the first part of a triptych of graphic narratives written by Jack Kirne and illustrated by Aaron Billings, which together form the work Discount Fabric. It is above anything a queer love story, unsettled by the threat of a world under siege of environmental collapse, regressive politics and economic turmoil.